About us

Our story

I’m Urša, an extremely active person who doesn’t last long in one place but enjoys a vibrant work where I make new contacts and meet new people. Five years ago I was a handball player and saw my future solely in sports: my travels were at most from the gym to the gym. But then suddenly, I was unpleasantly surprised by a knee injury that ended my sports career in an instant. I found my passion for traveling and exploring foreign places: it was always my greatest wish and I wanted to travel to as many destinations as possible. Now I work with a great team, mostly family and friends. We are writing this beautiful story because we believe that traveling is important for the spirit of a human being so do sleeping. It would be our greatest pleasure for people to trust our brand and share their opinions with us.

Founder, Urša Sačer

How did it all start?

I started designing gift wrap for flowers, continued sewing suitcase but today with my team I finally present you a completely fresh start-up: a LayOn travel pad that solves the problem of lack of beds at airports and the spatial distress of passenger luggage. I was dealing with traveling problems already in my dissertation and then one day my friend and I brought the sewing machine and the material and then we went to work. It was fun, we stayed up late in the night and at some point, we knew this was it. Traveling was always my inspiration and because of that, I love the LayOn travel pad so much as it is part of my life. We simply made the product for ourselves and found out it solves the problem of many other travelers.


Our mission is to deliver travelers the best sleeping support while they travel because we believe that all you need is EAT, SLEEP, TRAVEL, REPEAT.