Great product, I recommend it to frequent travellers

The product is excellent and has fulfilled everything it promises. The quality of workmanship and materials is excellent and the way you want it to be. Inflating the pillow is innovatively designed, its use or. inflating is very easy; exactly as presented in the instructions video in the enclosed instructions. The pillow is comfortable and big enough for sleeping. It is an indispensable accessory for anyone that travels.

Denis Š.

Excellent - compact!

The inflation process needs a bit of getting used to, but after that, this is the best travel combo pad you can think of. Useful while travelling, very useful when on destination.



Comfortable and simple to use

So easy to inflate/deflate, good design, and well-made. The pillow size and softness are simply adjustable. The air pad is thick enough for me. I'm a side sleeper and didn't have a problem touching the ground. The air pad stayed inflated through the night. Spacious and wide enough for me to sleep with bent knees.

Francesco M.

This travel pad is such a lifesaver

I've tried many travel pillows on the road and always suffered neck pain. With LayOn I can finally sleep well as it supports my neck perfectly. And my first camping sleeping experience > It's super comfy and so easy to inflate and deflate. Plus it does not take much space as there are 2 products in 1. It's an awesome invention and would definitely recommend it! ☺️

Duky S., NY



Great product, easy to inflate, packs small, comfy and love the pillow hidden pocket.

Ana E.



Great product

Overall, I was impressed. As an experienced camper, it didn't look like a comfy design, sleeping pad. I give it a try because have so many features that I like. The pad stay inflated a whole week of camping and I didn't feel any points of discomfort.

David S.


Practical and good comfort.

It's practical, good comfort. It perfectly fits my lifestyle. I love to travel. When going cross country I know what it's like to not have a place to sleep and call your own. I wish there would be instructions printed on the pad. 

Dasa K.



I'm 188 cm tall. The air pad is wight and thick enough but I would add some cm to the length of the sleeping pad. The neck pillow fits me very nice and gives me good support. A first I was sceptical about the comfort of the pillow because it looks like a classic travel pillow. For me, It was important that I can adjust the size.

Andrej K.


Comfy and easy to inflate

I'm a side sleeper and I slept comfortably on my last trip and have no problem touching the ground. It's easy to inflate following the video instructions. The idea of having a pillow and air pad is great so I can use both at the same time. It's wider than self inflatable mat used before. The materials are of good quality.

Max K.


Worth to buy!

This is well designed product. Very compact but big enough when you use it. The quality of both as an air bed and a pillow is very good. I like its textiles. Inflation was so easy that is good for women.

Michika N.