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Worldwide, baby. LayOn without borders!

That depends. Mostly on your location. 

Feel free to check all the shipping details in relation to your country right here.

We happily take PayPal, Credit Card payments (Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress).

And no, sadly we’re not willing to exchange LayOn for any sort of “equally valuable item” at the moment. We’re still running an online store, not a bazaar.

With a whole lot of love! Oh, and with the help of our friendly shipping partners at Post Slovenia, DPD, and DHL.

LayOn’s small and light, but we still think it’s a little much for pigeon carriers, so … Gotta stick with the classics for now.

We’ll make sure to send you a tracking number along with a link for easy online spying on your order’s travel route.


You’ll receive all the tracking info via email right after we confirm your order.


Oh, and if you experience any problems with your tracking info not working properly right after you receive it … Don’t worry! The shipping providers usually need a little more time to activate your tracking info. Should take 24h max.

We sure do! And here’s the beauty of it all … It lasts for 30 whole days, with the countdown starting on the day you receive your order. You still have your lifetime warranty as we offer you full service and repair support.

Yes, a lifetime warranty. The materials of the pad are easily fixable. 

Should you experience any problems with your LayOn and would like to claim your warranty, contact us and we will however provide you with free shipping once we resolve the issue, and send you either a repaired or a brand new LayOn.

Oh, and please make sure your damaged LayOn is reasonably cleaned before you send it to our Warranty and Repair Department. So, wipe it down so that it’s not covered in dirt, sand, hair, etc. Heavily soiled or stinky items will void your warranty.

Repairs not covered under the warranty: intentional puncture, abrasion, misuse, alteration, modification, abuse, taking the product apart, normal wear and tear.

Warranted products will be replaced or repaired at LayOn’s discretion. If a replacement product is unavailable or discontinued, a comparable product will be substituted.

To claim your warranty, just send us an email at, and we’ll provide you with all the details.  


You may return any ordered product within 30 days of receiving it.

Still, if you just want to try your LayOn real quick (in your living room for example) and it turns out it doesn’t quite fit, you can send it back. 

For more information, check the LayOn Terms of Use.

Yes, you can cancel your order before the goods are shipped. 

Just make sure you do it BEFORE you receive the shipping confirmation email.

Sign in to your account, click the Current button in the Orders section, then click Cancel Order for the order you wish to drop. If you don’t have a store account, you can contact us at with the order number you wish to cancel. 

And yes, you can cancel your order before the goods are shipped

If you suspect the merchandise you ordered could have sustained damage in transport, you may ask the courier to open the package in your presence upon delivery and allow you to inspect its contents.

Just fill out the form included in your package and order confirmation email and follow the return instructions …

SAVE YOUR POST INVOICE so we can pay you money back for the shipping. Sand package with the tracking code.

Then just mail the product you wish to return to our warehouse at the following address:

LAYON Ursa Sacer s.p.

SpodniRudnik I/16

1000 Ljubljana



The LayOn air pad is 188 cm (74’’) long, 7 cm (2,7’’) thick, and 65 cm (25,6’’) wide, once you inflate it. It’s more than fit enough to handle even the most rugged and sexy adventurers out in the wild.


Stuff sack is 18 cm (7’’) long, 9 cm (3,5’’) thick, and 9 cm (3,5’’) wide, once you store your LayOn air pad in it.


The travel neck pillow pouch is 27 cm (10,6’’) long and 16 cm (6,2’’) high, once you inflate it. Comfy & cozy neck support guaranteed. 

The LayOn air pad is made from nylon (70D), the pillow area inside is made from natural viscose fiber.  The pad can support adult females and males, weighing up to 200 kg (440 lbs) easely.
  The Waterproof & Antibacterial coated LayOn: hydrophobic coating and SilverIon antimicrobial technology.

The LayOn air pad is designed to accompany you on your travels during spring, summer, and autumn. 


The current temperature threshold is sitting at 9°C / 48°F (with an R-Value of 1.4) in terms of the coolest temperature it can withstand without contracting.



You can still use it on the snow as protection but it’s not recommended for sleeping under really cold conditions. You can increase the R-value, though, by adding foam padding underneath.


WARNING: As the air pad hit the cold ground or cold water the inner air shrink and the pad need an extra blow. The air pad does not leak the air volume just shrinks.

While heating on the sun the inner air volume expend and the pad can get more solid. To prevent bend deformity we recommend you unbuckle the pad and realize some air while exposing it to hot sun or heat.

We recommend you clean your LayOn regularly with warm water or soap water.


Tougher stains require technical textile cleaning solutions (but don’t use aggressive cleaning solutions).


If you purchase the LayOn with the waterproof & antibacterial coating, a moist cloth is all you’ll ever need for cleaning.


Feel free to throw your neck pillow travel pouch into the washing machine.


Oh, and you should be able to fix any air pad damages on your LayOn with a standard repair kit.

Yes, it is. If you get Layon with self cleaning coating the pad get hydrophobic & antibacterial coating add-on.

The difference between waterproof and hydrophobic air pad:

Waterproof one is not oil and stain resistand like Hydrophobic one.

Yes. If you get the Self-claning once or hydrophobic & antibacterial coating add-on.

The antibacterial coating is based on silver ions, which kill 99,9% of bacteria. Mold resistance and prevent bacteria to maintain on the surface.


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