How it works?


Air pad

The air pad is located inside the pillow and accessible with opening the zipper. Steps to inflate the air pad:

  1. Open the gap.
  2. Blow inside.
  3. Close it.
  4. Push on the balloon and the air is going to move air forward into the pad.
  5. Repeat it several times.
  6. Gold the bend up to the marked line. If you can fold it over the line that means your air pad needs more air. In case you can’t fold it up to the line that means that you need to release some air out of it.
  7. Clip the buckle.

Travel pillow

The pillow inflates with blowing into the valve within 2 breaths. The valve is hidden under the face side cover gap and its easily accessible.

You don’t need to fit it in your luggage you simply attach it on your bag or wear it as a pillow without paying an extra fee.