6 steps are all it takes to set up and pack up LayOn sleeping pad to-go:

1. Release the buckle

2. Aline inside fabric

Put your hand through the hole to align the inner fabric and create a clear channel.

3. Inflate

Blow into the opening from a distance of ~10 cm. Close the gap and press the air balloon to move the air further into the mat. Keep the opening closed at the time of pressing.


Press the band firmly and fold it up until you reach the white line. If you cannot reach the white line, open the slit and let some air out of the pad. If you manage to fold the tape over the line, this means that the air cushion needs additional blows.

5. Clip

Clip the buckle downward to close the ends.

How can air be released quickly and easily?

There are two ways to deflate the pad.

2 persons

Each person holds the pad on opposite sides and stretches it apart. The inner fabric will pop out by itself.

1 person

Hold each side, moving apart so as not to block the central and side air ducts.

Stretch it out. The inner fabric will pop out by itself.


Fold both sides.

Rolling up

Fold in half and store in a bag.

Care and maintenance

Your LayOn will last much longer if you maintain it. If you follow the instructions, the life of your LayOn will be maximised.

Avoid exposure to heat or sunlight

Exposure to temperatures above 45°C (113°F) or sunlight can damage the inner and outer coating of the LayOn sleeping pad. If you will be living in a tent that is excessively hot, open the valve.

Avoid sharp objects

LayOn sleeping pad is resistant to pine needles, rocky surface, dog claws.