2 in 1 Travel Pad


Enjoy the best support on your travels, camping, hiking, or anywhere you’d like to take a break. LayOn travel pad inflates in seconds and turns every surface into a soft resting spot. When it’s time to go, pack it up in a neat neck pillow and save on luggage space.

Sleeping pad & neck pillow in one travel essential

No-contact, easy-on-lungs and fast inflation

✔ Compact comfort the size of a water bottle

Patented closing for leak-proof support

Lightweight, portable and practical


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Portable comfort for every space

LayOn is a must-have travel gear for every backpacker, camper, (hitch)hiker, cyclist, couch surfer, sleep-in-office workaholic, and everyone who values a comfortable and clean surface to lay on.

How it works?

Inflate in seconds

Blow into the opening, close and push the air towards the bottom of the pad. The inside bag pushes back, which seals and prevents air leakage. Repeat a few times until full, close up and clip the buckle.

Deflate even faster

Release the buckle, spread the pad length-wise by pulling both ends apart and roll the pad up across the central air channel.


Make your bed and sleep like a baby

Beat jet lag and long-haul exhaustion. With LayOn, you can turn any seat, bench or floor into a comfortable resting spot. The air mattress adjusts to your body shape and sleeping position and ensures you get the most of your still time.

Thanks to its ergonomic shape and patented closure, LayOn remains comfortable and inflated after hours of use. The arrow-shaped design of pad ribs prevents you from falling off, even if you’re an active side sleeper.

Neck pillow that fits like a glove

The travel pad packed inside makes the pillow more supportive than other inflatable pillows. With adjustable buckle strap, you can keep it in place or change its position.

Support your neck when sleeping upright or use it as a face rest if you prefer sleeping with your head leaned forward.

Packaging size

✔ Lightweight and boarding-friendly

Pack it down to the size of a water bottle and buckle it to your backpack or luggage.

Size: 25x14x12 cm | 9.9″ x 5.5″ x 4.7″

Weight: 0.76 kg | 26.8 oz

Once packed, LayOn travel pad complies with the carry-on luggage restrictions so you can take it on board at no extra fee.

✔ Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Avoid placing it on sharp or pointy objects.

R-Value 1.4 (9°C/48°F) – Perfect from Spring to Autumn (avoid temperatures below 9°C / 48°F)

✔ Easy to clean

✔ Supports up to 200 kg / 400 lbs of weight.

Additional information
Weight 0.76 kg
Dimensions 25 × 14 × 12 cm
Pillow size

Wide 35 cm, 14.2''
Long 27 cm, 10.6''
High 16 cm, 6.2''

Air pad size

Wide 65 cm, 25.6’’
Long 188 cm, 74’’
Thickness 7 cm, 2.7’’


R-Value 1.4 (9°C/48°F), for 3 season use: spring, summer, and autumn that nights are not cooler than 9°C/48°F.


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Made in EU


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