2 in 1 Travel Pad


2 in 1 Travel pad is a product offering a pillow and an air pad in one product. Thanks to its aerodynamic shape, the air pad is quick and easy to inflate without pumps or other specialized equipment.


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LayOn is a multifunctional travel accessory designed for quality rest and sleep on the go. 2 in 1 travel pad offering a pillow and an air pad in one product. Because of its smart packaging and travel pillow shape, LayOn is the first air pad you can take on the plane with you in your carry-on luggage.

Quick and Easy inflatable

Thanks to its patented Technology and aerodynamic shape, the air pad is quick and easy to inflate without pumps or other specialized equipment.

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Air pad

V shape provides comfort no matter how you sleep – on your side, stomach or back.

Deep weld patterning: construction, side rails help provide a secure, comfortable sleep.
Deep Weld Patterning: create rails that provide good air flow that provides sweating.


Because of the inner air pad, the pillow gives way better neck support than any other inflatable pillow.

The added adjustable rope lock will keep the pillow in its place to provide excellent support and comfort wherever you may need it.

Quality materials


The air pad is made of waterproof and airtight high-quality 70D nylon.


The soft feel of the pillow is provided by very light and natural Italian fabric viscose.

Milk fiber

The comfort insert within the pillow consists of coated organic Milk fiber.

Small packed

The air pad is nearly as small as a 0,5L bottle.
2 in 1 Travel pad compared to some everyday items.

Additional information
Weight 0.76 kg
Dimensions 25 × 14 × 12 cm
Pillow size

Wide 35 cm, 14,2''
Long 27 cm, 10,6''
High 16 cm, 6,2''

Air pad size

Wide 65 cm, 25,6’’
Long 188 cm, 74’’
Thickness 7 cm, 2,7’’


R-Value 1.4 (9°C/48°F), for 3 season use: spring, summer, and autumn that nights are not cooler than 9°C/48°F.


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