LayOn Neck pillow


✔ Fast and easy inflation and deflation

✔ ABS valve prevents air leaking

Made of soft and breathable viscose that doesn’t irritate your skin

✔ Buckle strap that adjusts it to your sleeping position

✔ Hidden inside pocket for your valuables

Usable as a sleeve for storing sleeping pad, blanket or other items

✔ Comfortable sleep without sweating

✔ Removable and washable cover

✔ Lightweight, portable and versatile


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Fits like a glove

The LayOn inflatable pillow provides optimal support as it fits your head and the way you sleep perfectly. Adjust its fullness by inflation or deflation, easy and fast with the ABS valve.

Fix the position of the pillow with an adjustable buckle strap, and support your neck sleeping upright or use it as a face rest when you sleep with your head leaned forward.

Maximum support for your neck regardless of position.

Inflate in seconds and enjoy some rest either upright, with your head leaned forward or any way you like it.

Boarding-friendly size, great support and super comfortable materials make this compact and versatile pillow a traveller’s must-have.

Neck support matters

Be it on one of your travels or working late in the office, your neck deserves maximum support. Recharge your body and mind with a short power nap or hour-long siesta.

LayOn pillow is made of natural viscose (premium cotton) and milk fibres made of recyclable milk waste. Viscose is breathable, soft and does not irritate your face skin.

For more safety

When travelling solo or just extra cautiously, pack your valuables in the hidden pocket inside the pillow and keep them safe while sleeping.


For even more support, use the pillow as a sleeve and pack your rolled-up sleeping pad or blanket inside it.

Adjust its fullness by inflation or deflation, easy and fast with the ABS valve.

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 25 × 14 × 12 cm

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Made in EU


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