Antibacterial Sleeping pad


Sleeping pad with Antimicrobial coating treatment that kills 99.9% of bacteria without cleaning efforts.

Antimicrobial coating – keep the dirt off, prevent mould growth and kill germs right on the surface!

✔ Sleeping air mat integrated pump

The thick and extra-wide sleeping surface 
Patented closing against air leakage
Deflate in 5 seconds
Pocket size packaging


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Clean and comfortable

Self-cleaning Technology

With anti-microbial technology, the sleeping pad kills 99,9% of bacteria and protect you from harmful germs, grown mould and soaking sweat. The coating is breathable and extremely durable and fluorocarbon free. It’s reduced potential unpleasant odours, so LayOn will stay fresher for longer.

Comfort to go for

Beat jet lag and long-haul exhaustion or simply enjoy some comfort on the go. With LayOn air mattress, you can turn any meadow, riverside, seat, bench, pavement or rooftop into a comfortable resting spot.

Its ergonomic shape adjusts to your body and sleeping position, while its patented closure keeps it comfortable and inflated after hours of use. The arrow-shaped design of pad ribs keeps you from falling off, even if you’re an active side sleeper.

Inflate in seconds

Blow into the opening, close and push the air towards the bottom of the pad. The inside bag pushes back, which seals and prevents air leakage. Repeat 8-9 times until full, close up and clip the buckle.

Deflate even faster

Release the buckle, spread the pad length-wise by pulling both ends apart and roll the pad up across the central air channel.

✔ Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Avoid placing it on sharp or pointy objects.

R-Value 1.4 (9°C/48°F) – Perfect from Spring to Autumn (avoid temperatures below 9°C / 48°F)

✔ Easy to clean

✔ Supports up to 200 kg / 400 lbs of weight.

Additional information
Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 188 × 65 × 7 cm

Large, Medium, Small


R-Value 1.4 (9°C/48°F), for 3 season use: spring, summer, and autumn that nights are not cooler than 9°C/48°F.

Made in EU


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